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The Nature Sanctuary 'Villa' Estate

The Nature Sanctuary Estate!


A Very Different Parcel than 'The Inn' or 'Event Villa'

A mile closer to The Lake!

Trails meander to The Cayuga  Lake ShoreLine.

The Theme is Casual  Tuscan'esque

'Breathe The Dream' is an  Estate  Designed By Artists... .

The Design is a  Combination of ...

Green Building, Art,

Music, Crafters, Writers, Gardeners ..

and Luckily A Wonderful Architect.. 

TimeLessNess Still Seems to be  'The Energy Mode'

Popularity was Destined-

'The Inn' and 'The VineYard  Event Villa' Manifested...

Breathe The Dream'  became

'The Nature Sanctuary

-The OverLook Level-

The Balcony Level​






The Brass Bed is Queen Sized,,,

The Ensuite BathRoom is  bilevel, with sky-lit shower,,,


if needed,,,there is  an Optional, Second Sleeping Room 

"The CourtYard Level"


















A Queen Bed

The Adjoining CourtYard Extends 'The Space'

A Jacquard Brocaded Hammock adds to 'The Casual Elegance and Play'

-The Adirondack Level-

Renting The Adirondack Level is like renting an entire flat-

This Room  holds lots of Green Architecture  Stories,,,








The Queen Bed is under Sky Lights...

Stone Walls and  Wood Stove

A  Jacquard Brocaded Hammock Too!


The Hot Tub is A  Lilly Path Distance from either all 5 BedRooms!!!




Rent A Private Bed Room Level 


The Entire Nature Sanctuary!!!


You are Invited to Enjoy Breakfast at 'The Inn'

You Can Walk to The Boat Launch and Tour The Wineries Via Cayuga Lake!


Things around here seem to change at a rate of "never know"

... best to`Telephone~

respectfully honoring `the  merrily merrily~

… in ` Life is but a dream~

A Spectacular, Cayuga Lakefront Country Inn ‘ with Nature Sanctuary Estate,,,,

fun and ,,,wonderful alternatives to Ithaca' 



Cayuga Lake Inn
Cayuga Lake Inn
Cayuga Lake Inn
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